At Gold Gourmet Foods, we offer fresh and reconstituted garlic ready for use in your products or ready for distribution.  Our garlic is sourced both from Australia and from overseas and is produced as minced, fresh crushed or fresh peeled, ready for your use.


Minced Garlic

High quality reconstituted garlic, crushed to a paste.

Available in 2kg buckets, 10kg buckets and 10kg cartons.

Product CodeS:

4x2KG Carton: 4x2mgarw

10KG Bucket: 10mgarw

10KG Carton: 10mgarc

Fresh Crushed Garlic

Freshly peeled garlic, crushed to a paste available in both Australian and imported varieties. 

Imported is available in 2kg buckets and 10kg cartons.  Australian is available in 10kg cartons.

Product codes:

Australian: 10afcg

imported 2kg: 2gcp

Imported 10kg: 10lfg

Fresh Peeled Garlic

We offer fresh peeled garlic in 1kg cryovac bags (10x1kg per carton), and 5kg bags (2x5kg per carton).  

Product CodeS:

10x1kg carton: 10pgw

2x5kg Carton: 10pgw



We produce fresh crushed ginger and minced ginger ready for use in your food manufacture or ready for distribution.  Our ginger is sourced from Buderim and from overseas and is consistently flavoured, coloured and sized.  We’ve personally visited the sources and can testify to the quality of the natural product we get delivered.  It’s washed and crushed in freshly cleaned and inspected equipment.  Each batch we produce is consistent in size, content and texture.  The result is natural but consistent: it’ll only vary in colour across gold, cream and light green, reflecting the superb quality of the ginger that went in.  

Fresh Crushed Ginger

Is the highest quality, locally grown ginger on the market.

Fresh ginger pieces, crushed to a paste.

Available in 2kg buckets, 10kg buckets & 10kg cartons

Product CodeS:

4x2KG Carton: 4x2ginw

10KG Bucket: 10ginw

10KG Carton: 10ginc

Minced Ginger

High quality reconstituted ginger, crushed to a paste.

Available in 2kg buckets & 10kg buckets

Product CodeS:

4x2kg carton: 4x2rginw

10kg Bucket: 10rginw



We produce Crushed Chilli ready for use in your products or ready for distribution.  The chilli is sourced from overseas from our reliable supplier and is consistent in quality, colour, strength, texture and flavour.  We produce excellent quality Crushed Chilli for your use.

Crushed Chilli

Reconstituted Chilli, crushed to a paste with whole seeds.

Available in 2kg buckets.

Product Code:

4x2kg carton: 4x2chiw